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The science of theoretical physics was founded by Sir Isaac Newton’s book printed in 1687. The Principia is rarely reprinted and never read nowadays. We have flaked through it rather just for fun than not, but occasionally reformulated Newton’s first Rule of Reasoning in an extreme form:
Logic is the way to get the greatest possible by the least possible.
.As a result, we prove that the least possible (a mathematical point) can and must be, indeed, blown up into the greatest possible (the Universe). That’s why we dare to borrow Newton’s title.
The modern civilization rests entirely upon the result of one of 16401 electromagnetic experiments conducted during 11 years by Michel Faraday, a bookbinder by profession and glass washer by employment. We in turn took great advantage of unemployment and have conducted millions of numeric theoretical experimentations during the last 12 years. The world will have no other foundations for the future progress apart from the results obtained by us.
Stephen Hawking who currently occupies Newton’s chair at Cambridge says in a video-interview circulated throughout the Internet:
The ultimate goal is a complete theory of the universe.
The ’complete theory of the Universe’, if any of them is possible at all, will be in modern called the superunified theory of quantized fields and fundamental interactions.
The problem of explaining the origin of the Universe and its evolution up the organic life form of matter on the Earth planet appeared to be most difficult to be solved and it lasts already a century despite the titanic efforts of leading physicists worldwide.
Albert Einstein himself wasted last 30 years of his life entirely on the problem of unified theory but with no whatever results, unfortunately.
The last published words of Einstein were that all we do by the moment known in physics “must lead to an attempt to find a purely algebraic theory for the description of reality. But nobody knows how to obtain the basis of such a theory.”(See Einstein’s Relativistic Theory of the non-symmetric Field).
These words being the last wish of the greatest scientist of 20th century to be a genial prediction of the general mathematical form of the super unified theory, for we have now obtained in practice not only ‘the basis of such a theory’, but also the theory itself in complete and in consistency!
As a consequence, the whole history of the exact sciences would now look quite simple. If in briefest, the sequence of events is such that:
1. Copernican revolution succeeded by Galileo and Kepler led to the Newton’s Principia Mathematica whence theoretical physics evolves.
2. Karl Friedrich Gauss completed the Euclidean geometry with the theory of algorithmic constructions and on this basis unified higher arithmetic (theory of numbers), algebra and geometry into the tri-unity which we call pure mathematics. So the second Holy Scripture in sciences is Gauss’ book dated back to 1801.
Then, what can and must be done next?
3. To unify Newton’s theoretical physics and Gauss’ pure maths into the universal system of harmony! This way we have succeeded to reconstruct the Universe on paper. That’s all.
Yet, as it is known, geniuses formulate theorems to be once proved by ordinary mortals. The most general and genial theorems of the exact sciences occur to have been stolen centuries ago by Jiordano Bruno:
Indeed, there do exist a unique number and a unique figure, both having been inevitable and sufficient in God’s hands for the purpose of constituting the pure algebraic super unified field theory and performing subsequently the Creation Act.
As a consequence, we now know ‘the mind of God’ and ‘our ultimate goal’ is achieved, if borrow Hawking’s terminology. The Lucasian Professor at Cambridge in turn warns in the same video-interview: “If we are the only intelligent beings in the galaxy, we should make sure we survive and continue. But we are entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history.”
The super theory is required to explain the life phenomenon and it explains.
We wish we were mistaking, but from the unified theory point of view, the overall situation on Earth looks much worse than it seems even to the UN Secretary –General and the problem of survival tends to be many times more urgent and serious than even the alarmists see. By the way, the current critical situation had been predicted by the Rome Club’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind decades ago. The existing science and related technology do strictly limit any further growth and, what is even more dangerous lead to ecological catastrophy. In short time is mercilessly running out.
Note that Roger of Oxford happened to be the only brave enough scientist to say that we not only know nothing yet, bus also do not know even how to know. The Superunified theory is the only true way to know the cosmological reality! Therefore, the sciences do not end but, in fact, just begin with that we relate in our Principia Mathematica.
It should be strictly remarked that the superunified theory means merely that we cross at long last over the Pons Asinorum in mathematics and physics. Why so, and what is the superunifying theory?
The superunified theory is nothing but the complete theory of mathematical continuum! The reason is that the only initial condition given in purist theories is the continuum of real numbers. The general theory of physics cannot belong to physics; it will be a general theory of mathematics embracing the physical existence. In short, what we name the physical Universe is the way the Continuum self-excites and self-organizes into the universal system of mathematical harmony. That’s way the SUT reveals the ultimate aesthetics of mathematics through fantastical no triviality of Creation solutions and sophisticatedly simple technique upon the topology of natural numbers.

By God’s grace, the Tengries’ Message is received and, hopefully, in due time implying that the human civilization has gotten a great chance to survive and grow fast by the way of exploiting revolutiony new technological resources of the new general theory of the natural sciences. So what?
Bruno whose theorem we prove was barbequed alive; Riemann whose geometry physics abuses was starved to death; Cantor whose set theory serves foundation to the modern maths had been driven mad. The world could afford such a luxury before, but now?
Is it possible that the human civilization is deadly bored by its own existence and lost the survival instinct characteristic to life itself? If not, then how to Be and what to Do?
Stephen Hawking of Cambridge in the same interview mentioned deems it proper to warn against the innate human cowardice and says: “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster in the next hundred years.” To this we would add: the world can do nothing without Superunified Theory of Cosmology. Disaster will be avoidable if only we are able to fully master the SUT within next one-two years and derive revolutionary new technologies suggested by the UNIFIELD within, again, the shortest possible time duration.
Paradigms are going to be changed most radically. Cosmology is infinitely more complex and sophisticated than it looked uo till the moment. According to Sir Isaac’s calculation, the Year of the Last Judgement falls on 2060AD. Today’s college students will well meet that year so that to pass the Final Test. Therefore, it is mainly their business to learn the SUT promptly and work, and work for the sake of their own survival.
This time there is left no time to be wasted in making wiser apparences than we are actually. The era of true learning only begins.
The Principia Mathematica, Volume I, is self-printed in 100copies and soled at USD100 per copy. Solidarity price is welcome.

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