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Gobi Desert Expedition- Mongolian Ancient Capital Kharkhorin

With over the 80% of its vast lands remaining untouched and pristine. Mongolia encompasses six different ecological zones: Taiga forest, mountains steppe, grassy steppe, desert steppe and the infamous Gobi desert zone.
In the Mongolian language, "gobi" means deset and there are 33 gobi regions within the country. Despite their name they are far from being the dead sandy deserts that you may expect, with these regions very much alive and rich in natural vegetation, wild animals and very rare birds.
The Gobi Desert Expedition allows you to marvel at this abundance of desert life and along the way, takes you through vast Mongolian steppes and forest mountains where you will experience nomadic herding life. A special stop is also made at Kharkhorin, Mongolian ancient capital and Erdene Zuu Monastery. We will also follow a dinosaur fossil trail, laid down by Roy Chapman Andrews and his team from the American Museum of Natural History who discovered the first nest of dinosaur eggs the world had ever seen.
Trip Overview
Region: Gobi Desert, Khongor sand dunes, Bayanzag Fossil finds, Khar Khorin-Mongolian ancient capital, Khustai Nuruu National Park and Khangai
Season: Middle of May - Beginning of October
Group size: 2, 3, 4 up to 12 people
Tour length: 12 days/11 nights

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar
Upon arrival at the Ulaanbaatar airport, you will be met by your guide and driver and transferred to your hotel. Ulaanbaatar is a very rapidly growing and developing city with a population of nearly a million people. Your hotel is within walking distance from Sukhbaatar Square, museums, theatres, and shops. Depending on an arrival time, you may enjoy a short city orientation tour before dinner. Sightseeing of UB, including the Natural History Museum with 16 m long 70 million year old skeleton of a Tarbosaur, Gandan Monastry – Mongolia’s Buddist centre, the Green Palace of the Mongolian last king Bogd Javzandamba. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2: Baga Gazriin Chuluu ( Rocks of Small Land) Middle Gobi
After an early breakfast, we will leave UB and drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu a unique scene in middle of semi desert. Visit the ancient ruins of a stone temple located on the cusp of the Khokh Burd lake. Activities: walking, hiking, photography and bird watching of falcon, kite, buzzard and eagle. Baga Gazriin Chuluu is
home of Sacker Falcon. Overnight in tent

Day 3: Tsagaan Suvarga, Middle Gobi
Breakfast at the camp. Our trip will continue to drive towards the Southern edges of the Gobi. Light lunch on the way. Visit to Tragaan Suvraga , an amazing cliff formed over thousands of years. The cliff is about 30 m high and 100 m wide. Dinner and overnight at a tourist ger camp.

Day 4: Yolyn Am Valley/Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, South Gobi
Breakfast at the camp. We will drive to South Gobi and reach Yoliin Am Valley in the majestic Gobi Gurvan Saikhan (Tree Beauties of Gobi) National Park. This magnificent mountain valley has a 40 km long canyon with sheer rock walls. In the valley, we will visit Gobi Musuem and spend the afternoon hiking in the Yolyn Am. If we have a lucky day, we will encounter wild sheep-Argali, Ibex and Yol Lammergeier. Return to the camp dinner and overnight in tent.

Day 5: Mongolian Sand Sea
Breakfast at our campsite. We will drive to and reach at the dunes of Khongoryn Els, where 180 km long, up to 800m high. known as "the singing sands". It easy to climb up to highest Dune and can see amazing views of the Gobi and sunset. Also we will visit camel breeders and camel trekking. Dinner and overnight in tent.

Day 6: Bayan Zag, Fossil finds
After lunch, we will start the drive towards Karakorum. On the way, we will explore the world famous Flaming Cliffs- Bayan Zag. You can explore the trail of American palaeontologist, Roy Chapman Andrews who discovered dinosaur fossils here, including a nest of fossilised dinosaurs eggs in 1920. Dinner and Overnight in tourist ger camp.

Day 7: Mongolian ancient cities
Breakfast at camp, we will drive towards to Karakorum. Arrive at Kharkhorin, ancient Capital of Great Mongolian Empire and Erdenezuu Monastery, Mongolia's oldest Buddist monastery with 108 stupas, founded by Avtai Sain Khan in 1586. Kharakhorum was established in the valley of the Orkhon River and was formerly a great capital city built in 1235, by Ogoodei Khan, Chingish khaan's third son. It was one of the stops along the Legendary Silk Road. It was the capital city of the Mongolian Great Empire until Khubilai Khaan, a grandson of Genghis Khaan, moved the capital to Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty. Erdene Zuu Monastery is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful white walls with 108 stupas. Overnight in the tourist camp and dinner

Day 8: Lake Ugii
After breakfast drive to Lake Ugii. One of the most spectacular drives in Mongolia along the valley between Khangai mountains. Ugii nuur is a pretty little lake, rich with water and wetland migrating birds. Lake Ugii Nuur nice place to hiking and camping and birwatching. Overnight in tent

Day 9: Khugnu Khan National Park/Hustai Nuruu
We will visit to the Khugnu Khan National Park, a beautiful combination of mountain, forest and semi dessert. Khustai Nuruu natural reserve is the home land of the Takhi-known as Przewalski Horse after their reintroduction. We will see wild horse-Takhi. Dinner and overnight at ger camp.

Day 10: Visiting to Nomadic Herders family
Breakfast at the camp. Relaxing day. Visit nomadic family where you will enjoy their long lasting traditional culture, wonderful hospitality, ride thier horses and have a taste fermented mare’s milk. Dinner and overnight in tent with nomads.

Day 11: Ulaanbaatar
After early breakfast drive to Ulaanbaatar. Check in to hotel. Discover nation's capital Ulaanbaatar. Shopping for gifts and souvenirs. Dinner and enjoy city night in UB.

Day 12: Departure
You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport or train station.
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Tour price included:
• All accommodation: twin bedded rooms in hotel, sharing tourist Ger camp and tent
• All transport as listed in itinerary and Airport transfers.
• All meals as listed in itinerary. (breakfast-B, lunch-L and dinner-D).
• Camping equipments (tent, sleeping bag, kitchen, cooking equipment, cook etc…)
• All entrance fees of attractions.
• English speaking guide
Tour price not included:
• International flights
• Visa and passport fees
• International departure taxes and excess baggage fees
• Insurances of any kind
• Hotel porterage
• All items of personal nature: Laundry, room service charges, phone call, drinks etc.
• Alcoholic drinks

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